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Westwood Shows His Competitive Spirit

Lee Westwood is one of the greatest men in Golf who knows how to handle his success and failure.

The man chooses not to feel low and is always determined to do better. The 43 year old player has performed in the final round with Dustin Johnson and Danny Willett at Augusta and the US Open which shows that there is tough competition which is still on. Westwood has gone through several ups and downs in the events and he will not give up for just one bad round.

Westwood is all set to move on and try harder as he does not believe in hiding his face and cursing his luck. It is not his personality and which is why he is such a renowned player. It was his 22nd Open Championship in 24 years of his career and he still believes that it was learning from him. He has taken many lessons due to his collapse that took place in Oakmont last month.

He clearly analyses what goes wrong and he hopes to avoid those pitfalls in future. There were a couple of breaks which was not in his favor. However, Westwood will be more careful and do all it takes to show his splendid performance henceforth. It is quite amazing to see that the former champion still continues not to give up despite of so many blows. He is mentally quite strong and hence he is all geared up to experience it again. He is prepared thoroughly this time to show his best actions, as he does not give up aiming for the big prize. Westwood will be back hitting the stage and he is fully geared up to play brilliantly. Looking at his high spirits, there is no denying that Westwood will soon make it to top and show his worth to the whole world.