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Lee Westwood Wins Drone Golf

The first ever Turkish Airlines Drone Championship has just concluded.

It was held in Antalya, Turkey. Beating the Andrew Johnston, Lee Westwood became the first-ever winner of the championship. The rooftop 16th tee, hosted it.

Drone golf is certainly a new player in the field. But the successful players know that drone golf could be the future of the game. This particular event was held at the Regnum Carya Golf Course in Antalya. Given the futuristic nature of the championship, it was indeed an exciting event for the participants.

As far as the sponsors are concerned, they set up an alternative fifth major in the country. The major players were Andrew Johnston, Danny Willett and Lee Westwood. They fought hard for the title.

As far as the performances go, only Westwood displayed good spirit. Johnston made a mistake by dispatching the ball early. It was indeed a terrible attempt. Speaking of Willet, he struggled to find the section which would have earned him some points. Last but not least, Westwood was in top form. He navigated his drone to drop the ball closer to the hole. And that made things a lot easier for him.

These three were positioned on the roof of one of the villas. The controls were handed over to them at the back tee of the 16th hole. All that they were supposed to do was to use their positional judgment and cameras to ensure that their balls are dropped right next to the holes.

Was it an easy task? Not at all, but for Lee Westwood, it wasn’t that difficult to gain control. He displayed his mettle during the real tournament.

When asked about the tournament, Lee said that it was one of the proudest moments of his life and he cherishes it. And who wouldn’t want to kick off with a good win? And that explains why Lee is quite happy with his performance.