World Number 1

Lee Westwood Biography

Lee Westwood is a professional golfer who was born in the year 1973. He was born in Nottinghamshire and he is currently one of the best golfers around. He is known as Mr. consistent in the golfing circuit as he is a very continuous performer. He has always been very consistent and hi long professional career has seen major title wins in every continent where golf is played. He owns the record for most number of victories on foreign soil. The most striking aspect of his career is that he has been successful in home and away which is very rare for any athlete in any sport. It is always difficult to perform well in foreign soil as the conditions and everything is alien to his home turf, but still Lee Westwood has performed brilliantly over all these years. He puts in a lot of effort and hence he has been so successful, he has enjoyed the top position in world golf rankings in 2010 which is a great feat given the stiff competition and the difficulty in becoming world number one in a individual sport is immense.

Lee Westwood is one of the better known English golfers around and he has a tremendous fan following, he is very soft natured and modest and hence he makes fans wherever he goes, he is one of the few golfers who have fans from all continents. He has the ability to make friends very easily and he is in good terms with most of the international golfers. He has won many important tournaments starting from 1996 to present. His list of achievements goes on and on and he has been a prolific performer for his country. He has won a lot of prize money with the title victories and he has been very successful. Lee Westwood made his country proud when he won his first Ryder Cup tour for his country. The Ryder Cup is the most prestigious golf tournament held between the UK and the USA. Teams from both the countries fight it out to clinch the titles. In 1997 his partner was Nick Faldo and he played exceptional golf to fight back from a very dire position. The quality of his game has improved with time and he has grown in statue and popularity. The highest point of his professional career would have to be the time in 2010 when he replaced the legendary Tiger Woods to grab the top position in world rankings.

Lee Westwood has been one of the few players who have done well even on Asian tournaments. It is very difficult to perform in the Asian tournaments as the weather, course conditions rotations are totally different from the west and one has to put in a lot of practice to do well, but he won the Japan Open two times thereby making many fans in the east also. He has been one of the greatest ambassadors of the beautiful game and he has even engaged in spreading the game to other parts of the world.    

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