One of the most familiar names in the world of golf has been making the news headlines of recent after a long time out on the sidelines.

The star, who is no other than Tiger Woods is set to return to competitive action on the field after being absent from the spotlight for the last sixteen months.

This was due to multiple back surgeries he had gone through, as he needed time to recover from it, and Woods has said that it’s been quite a struggle to recover and get back into the game once more.

Woods, who has won 14 Majors so far, has had a long history with injury problems, which has limited his last major with his last major dating as far back to 2008, where he won the U.S Open.

A knee and Achilles tendon injury had caused the American superstar to miss out on the tournament in July and in 2009, Woods was forced to take a break away from golf after an overwhelming attention from the media due to reports of infidelity on his part in his marriage. Read more »

Lee Westwood Wins Drone Golf

The first ever Turkish Airlines Drone Championship has just concluded.

It was held in Antalya, Turkey. Beating the Andrew Johnston, Lee Westwood became the first-ever winner of the championship. The rooftop 16th tee, hosted it.

Drone golf is certainly a new player in the field. But the successful players know that drone golf could be the future of the game. This particular event was held at the Regnum Carya Golf Course in Antalya. Given the futuristic nature of the championship, it was indeed an exciting event for the participants.

As far as the sponsors are concerned, they set up an alternative fifth major in the country. The major players were Andrew Johnston, Danny Willett and Lee Westwood. They fought hard for the title.

As far as the performances go, only Westwood displayed good spirit. Johnston made a mistake by dispatching the ball early. It was indeed a terrible attempt. Speaking of Willet, he struggled to find the section which would have earned him some points. Last but not least, Westwood was in top form. He navigated his drone to drop the ball closer to the hole. And that made things a lot easier for him. Read more »

Westwood Shows His Competitive Spirit

Lee Westwood is one of the greatest men in Golf who knows how to handle his success and failure.

The man chooses not to feel low and is always determined to do better. The 43 year old player has performed in the final round with Dustin Johnson and Danny Willett at Augusta and the US Open which shows that there is tough competition which is still on. Westwood has gone through several ups and downs in the events and he will not give up for just one bad round.

Westwood is all set to move on and try harder as he does not believe in hiding his face and cursing his luck. It is not his personality and which is why he is such a renowned player. It was his 22nd Open Championship in 24 years of his career and he still believes that it was learning from him. He has taken many lessons due to his collapse that took place in Oakmont last month.
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Lee Westwood very keen not to exaggerate things before The Masters

Lee Westwood has stated that he is taking it firm in practice before the Masters as he does not desire to be burnt out when the event gets started on Thursday.

The forty-two year old Brit is set to make his seventeenth appearance at the Augusta National and he thinks that this is very important not to bloom too soon before the first major of the year.

Lee, whose best end in Masters was in the year 2010 when he came 2nd, is also practicing without the guidance of a swing coach as he does not want to fiddle with his game at this level of the build-up. He stated that he believes that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday leading up to Masters is not the time to think about your swing.

One have to be focused more on the tournament itself, so he has eased off on the coaching a little bit close to events. Thursday could come around – mainly this tournament – and you can be a little bit burnt out.

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Rory Is The Best: Spieth

While Masters champ Jordan Spieth is ready to compete with world # 1 Rory McIlroy yet he insists that the Northern Irishmen is still in best order & the American has to work real hard to match up to his stature.

Spieth, who captured the winner’s title at Augusta 2015, is seeded 2nd behind Rory at Cadillac WGC Matchplay that was hosted at San Francisco.

If the seedings stay firm, Spieth would have the change to get head-to-head with Rory for the 1st time ever in the finale- an encounter Spieth is looking forward to and is positive to enjoy.

Asked whether he thinks himself in the similar section as 4-time Major champ Rory, he said-

“I think? Yes I still feel that I have to cross a lengthy way to match up to his bracket.”

“I feel that I am on with a great start yet I cannot compare what I have done to the things that he has done over the years. Definitely he has got further years ahead but to ensure a good rivalry, we would have to contend against one another at highest level consistently. That has not occurred yet.” Read more »